Happy Christmas

©Neil Turner, December 2011

In keeping with the amount of recycling of words that I’ve done in order to get this blog up and running quickly, here is last years blog post with the dates changed…

To everyone who has followed the site, followed me on Twitter, has worked with me or been in contact through 2011 I’d like to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

If you are a working photographer who has found this last year to have been a hard one in which to make a living I’d like to wish you a better, happier and more prosperous 2012.

My year has been a real rollercoaster but it has ended on a real high with a lot of enjoyable and reasonably profitable work coming in the last two months. 2012 looks exciting with some teaching and quite a bit of photography already booked. I hope that I will find the time to do more work on this blog and on my website in the next few months – well actually, I don’t – if I’m not blogging it should mean that I am shooting and there is nothing that makes me happier in my professional life than shooting pictures.

So, once again, I wish you a very happy few days until the end of 2011 and a very succesful start to 2012.

See you next year


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