Setting up FTP from a Canon EOS 5D MkIV

A couple of weeks ago I spent a couple of days helping to teach other photographers to send pictures direct from their Canon EOS 5D MkIVs. Over the last couple of years I have taught dozens of people how to do this and set up a huge number of cameras; mostly Canons ranging from the 5D MkII, MkIII and MkIV to the various EOS1D series models as well as various Nikon D4, D4S and D5 models. It’s not rocket science but it is something that takes a lot of practice before it becomes part of your toolkit.

I use this technology all of the time myself and it was suggested to me that I might like to try my hand at making an instructional video. I have a face for radio and so my two thumbs are making a welcome return to the media (last seen holding a power tool in the 1985 Argos catalogue). You might like to check out this old blog post about why I need to get pictures away quickly too.

Here’s a link to the 1080p version on Vimeo
There’s also a 720p option on YouTube.

I’m always happy to answer questions and even happier to get feedback. This is my first real attempt at a “how to” video so be gentle with me!

For those who are interested it was all filmed using a Canon EOS7D MkII and a Canon 24-70 f4L IS lens before being edited in Apple iMovie with some help from Apple Keynote.


  1. Really nice tutorial Neil. This is something I need to get more practice with. I regularly shoot direct to my smartphone or laptop, but rarely need to shoot direct to an external server at the moment. I can see me doing it more frequently though in the future so this will be a very useful reference if I ever get stuck… Thanks, I really appreciate you sharing your vast experience. 🙂


  2. Very useful, step through, video. Even though I don’t use Canon, its good to know how these things work for future reference. I look forward to more tutorial videos in the future.


  3. Hi Neil,
    I’m using a nikon D4 + WT5 to FTP my images to my photoshelter account .

    I recently got FSN Pro for my ipad and Im trying to use the FTP import function. Camera and ipad are both connected to wifi but there is no way i can find the FSN PRO FTP address so I can enter it into camera. I only have server ip and port info given by fsn pro. Any idea ?
    Thanks !


    1. The address is a numeric IP which appears to be the one assigned to your iPad by the network. For example on my home network my iPad is and that is what FSN Pro needs you to use as the address.


  4. Hi again, ok i have tried to input the the IP that the Ipad network gives me into the camera to create the FTP address. Not much luck so far as camera says FTP settings are not working. hmmm…. too bad as this would have been great for transmitting small jpegs to ipad and then uploading to clients.


    1. Have you tried Port 2121 rather than 21? Are the camera and iPad on the same wifi network as they should be? This is a mystery as FSN Pro works every time for me on both iPhone and iPad.


      1. yes, have tried port 2121 too .
        I have entered as follows:
        FTP : IP on ipad ( camera and ipad are on same wifi network )
        port 2121

        PASV mode : on
        proxy server: off

        the camera still tells me : FTP error

        thanks for you help


    1. Check the FSN Pro settings in your iPad and make sure that you give the app Read and Write access to Photos. I think that if you use the other option it doesn’t allow you to FTP to FSN Pro


  5. hello, loved the video but got stuck. i got to he point where I enter mylogin and password for ftp server anf got error dns server not responding, any idea what causes this?


    1. It has to be something to do with the server and the way that it is set up. Could be the permissions but without access to it I cannot tell. Can you access the sever with the same settings from an FTP client app on a computer?


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