1. Hi Neil – are you still using Neofinder? If so, did you upgrade to the pro version, what are you missing from Media Pro, are there scripts or plugins to extend its functionality?


    1. Yes I am using NeoFinder Pro. The only function I use that isn’t in the basic version is the auto update. I never used any additional functions in iView and so cannot say what is possible but I’d be happy to try something if you let me know exactly what you’d like it to do.


      1. Neofinder’s search seems very limited compared to Iview’s (now Media Pro). MP allows up to 6 search terms which can be combined separately as and/or. Each term can contain even the most obscure EXIF or IPTC field with the option of ‘contains’, ‘is’, ‘starts with’, ‘ends with’ and ‘doesn’t contain’. For numeric/date fields it offers , = and ≠. I only have about 70k files but sometimes it’s things like searching on ‘file width and source device and a date range’ or similar unlikely combinations of terms that have let me find an item.

        A big strength of MP is the range of scripts that it comes with and that the app itself is fully scriptable. It does all that LR does and far more. Can Neofinder do anything like this? I can do complex find & exchange on any editable field (eg different captions get a string changed without changing the rest of the caption), transfer data between fields, copy data from a set of files to all other files sharing the same name but with different extensions even on different drives. And loads more! As far as I know, only an enterprise-level DAM (and a month’s training) offers as much power and flexibility.

        However, MP is also buggy, deprecated and it won’t work on Catalina. So are there any plugins for Neofinder that get close to MP’s toolbox?


    1. It allows you to create specific catalogues of specific drives and folders that you can search when they are offline. You can include or exclude files by type and (most importantly) the catalogue will look at the additional metadata when adding files. I find it very flexible and very easy to use.


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