Dennis Healey – the contact sheet

Lord Dennis Healey taking a photograph of the photographer. ©Neil Turner/TSL

When I have been posting archive portraits on Instagram and Facebook I have been including a few memories of each job. On more than one occasion I have commented that it was a tough job picking a single frame from a shoot and one of my colleagues contacted me when I posted  a frame of the late Dennis Healey to ask me to post a wider selection from that job. I thought that it would be best to show the whole edit as it was sent to the magazine in the form of a ‘contact sheet’.

If you haven’t seen it on either Facebook or Instagram then the frame I chose was frame 12 in the bottom right of this contact sheet and if you haven’t already seen them, I wrote a few words to go with the original posting:

Arriving at the wonderful East Sussex home of former Chancellor Lord Dennis Healey in February 2006 I could see some really interesting outdoor locations to shoot his portrait. The weather was OK for that time of year and so I had some firm ides before his wife let me into the house. Once inside I could see even more, and even better options to shoot the pictures and so my plans changed. Lord Healey was himself a keen photographer and I had to let him take my picture before I could take his. He looked his age but was, at the same time, interesting and engaged in the process and I could have posted any one of ten frames from that day on here. Sometimes my job is easy. #lovemyjob #portraitphotography #archive #locationportraiture #editorial #canonukandireland #digitalevolution #imperfectportraiture #canoneos #timeseducationalsupplement #labourparty #eastsussex #itsallaboutthelight

I have posted quite a few other contact sheets over the years on this blog and a quick search for that term should bring them up if you are interested to see more.

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