An Odd Labour of Love

Like a lot of my colleagues I have spent time during the COVID-19 lockdowns going through and doing those little jobs from our digital lives that we had been meaning to do. Inevitably, sorting one thing out raises a new problem and so on, and so on until you have come around in what feels like a full circle.

In between the jobs that I meant to do I received an email from a good client of mine suggesting that I should make my original website secure. I will explain more about this very soon because there’s a lesson in this for a lot of us. It turns out that getting the right kind of digital certification to make an old-fashioned site written in HTML code is somewhere between really tricky and impossible and so I chose to move it over to WordPress and change my hosting package. The knock-on effect was that my original technique posts from May 2000 to July 2008 became invisible and had to be moved too.

This was the “odd labour of love” in the title; the move to a secure site forced me to look at every single one of those old posts and copy and paste the text and images into the new safe site. It took a while but now it is done I find myself being really and oddly pleased. In fact, I’m so pleased that I have also exported those pages and added them to this blog too!

So now I’ve told the outline of the story, some of you will want to know how you can visit these very old pages in their new homes but before I explain how to do it, please remember that some of them were written over twenty years ago and lots of things have changed in the technology we all use since then and you should also remember that I haven’t updated the content at all and so you have to take that into account too. Without further ado, you have three choices;

  • You can see them hidden away on my main site by using this URL where you’ll find all sixty-three of them – most recent first
  • They are also available on this blog and you can find them by going to the Site Archive in the right hand column and selecting any month between May 2000 and July 2008
  • At the top of the right hand column on this site is a drop-down menu called “Categories” which has one called “Original dg28” that will filter to just those same sixty-three technique posts

Between May 2000 and July 2008 when I was writing and posting these short explanations they were incredibly popular and according to the last log files that I looked at before moving the site they were still getting a few hundred visits a month. I apologise to anyone who had bookmarked their favourites to go back to but it was impossible to keep the original URLs for anything other than the homepage. Anyway, Memory Lane beckons…


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