Walking with speed lights

This time last year I got a call from the Editor of Photography Monthly magazine looking for a feature article about what a keen photographer might do when they go out for a walk with their camera. Between us we hit on the concept of “walking with speed lights”. The idea was a simple one: I went for a walk on a blustery winter’s day with one camera, a couple of lenses, a couple of hot-shoe type flash units (two Canon 580exII strobes) and a few other bits and pieces.

©Neil Turner, November 2010

Near where I live there is a beauty spot called Hengistbury Head so I set off and just shot the pictures that I saw. As dusk started to approach I became fascinated by a whole row of boulders that I must have walked past five hundred times in my life and never really noticed. I decided to light a couple of them against the beautiful winter sunset and keep trying until I got a shot I liked. The article called for nothing to take more than a few minutes because it would be cold and/or wet and so I grabbed this picture in five minutes before heading off to the next idea.

©Neil Turner, November 2010

At the end of Hengistbury Head is Mudeford Spit at the entrance to Christchurch Harbour where some of the most desirable and valuable beach huts in the country sit in the sand. My idea was to light just one of them and let the rest of the scene go a stop or more under exposed. I chose this hut because there is a tuft of grass behind which I could bury my flash (wrapped in a cheap clear plastic freezer bag). I had a great day out, shot some pictures AND got paid…

I hope to post a full description of who what where and when after Christmas…


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