Selling my EOS7D + BG-E7 grip

Selling great condition Canon EOS7D body + BG-E7 grip for £900.00 inc VAT

I am selling my Canon EOS7D body complete with BG-E7 grip. It has been a third/fourth body since new and has had light use because of that. The lure of the EOS5D MkIII is strong and I will be upgrading my MkII bodies later this summer. If you are interested in knowing more about this camera get in touch.

The selling price is £900.00 and that includes VAT. I have the original strap, instruction manual, charger and a single battery included with the camera or you can opt for the Op-Tech strap that I have been using it with. No boxes, no discs and no other cables I’m afraid.

The camera is in Bournemouth but I am regularly up and down the M3 on jobs and so may be able to make other arrangements.


  1. Finally sold the camera this morning and I am delighted to say that it went to a young photographer who is currently studying at the Arts University College Bournemouth. Can’t think of a better home. I didn’t quite get the asking price but that’s life!!!


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