Brian Harris’s Book

Brian was there when I got started and his stories have always been entertaining. I’d strongly recommend anyone interested in photography or just life itself to follow Brian and read his book when it comes out.

The aim of this blog site is to introduce my soon to be published book to a wider audience. I will write on a regular basis about the process, the ups and downs, of self publishing a high end beautifully designed and tightly edited book about my work as an editorial photographer for the past 45 years. Please enjoy and feel free to make comments in the box at the foot of this page.

‘…and then the Prime Minister hit me…’

Brian Harris blog pics-Jan 2016_20166182

My partner Nikki is partly to blame, for it was she who has pushed me to write down all my stories, my lectures, my history from over 45 years working as an editorial news photographer for the national press in the UK and turn them into an enjoyable illustrated read.

Writing an autobiographical book about ones life is like cleaning out the hard drive on a computer…and best done before my hard drive of a brain starts to fail and all that history, all those wonderful stories and self deprecating anecdotes disappear for ever.

The 75,000 plus words have taken over 5 years to write. It has been a full time job and even now I am finding more stories to add.

At the beginning I really had no idea where to start…a blank page, even on a computer screen, is quite frightening, and so, I…

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