New MacBook Pro


About two weeks ago I hit the “buy” button and my new Apple MacBook Pro arrived a couple of days later. I was right in the middle of working as a picture editor with the team at Wimbledon and it was something of a gamble to switch computers during one of the busiest work periods of my year. I always like to have two computers with me and my six year old Apple MacBook Air was showing distinct signs of being unwell. By unwell I mean that the Thunderbolt port wasn’t working properly and the machine kept telling me that there was no hardware installed to enable wifi. I suspected that none of this was terminal but it was a signal that it was time to upgrade.

I got back to the flat where I was staying two days after placing the order and there was a parcel waiting for me. I unpacked the new laptop at the end of a twelve hour day and, using the USB Type C to USB3 adapter that I had also ordered I plugged my portable hard drive which had my Time Machine back up on it. By the time I’d had a cold drink and unpacked the other bits and pieces that I’d ordered my new Mac was well into the process of swallowing all of the data that my old one had given up an hour or so earlier.

By the time I awoke at just before 6am the next day all was well, a few accounts needed to be enabled (Adobe and Microsoft subscriptions mostly) and my 15″ Space Grey speed machine was ready for action. By action I mean being plugged into an external monitor and used solidly all day every day for the remainder of the Championships with a noticeable speed increase from my four year old 13″ MacBook Pro which has become the back up machine.

What can I tell you about the latest incarnation of the MacBook Pro? Apart from the fact that it is fast and the fact that it looks very cool I’ve had to buy a lot of adapters because this is my first journey into the world of USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3. I now own adapters to use USB3, Thunderbolt 2, HDMI and Ethernet with the new machine. The best discovery of all could be the very basic but very cheap USB3 adapters made by Ailun which Amazon sell for £3.99 for three. I now have six with another three on their way because they are going to be all-too-easy to lose and because ‘why not?’ at that price.

I haven’t really used the “Touch Bar” yet and the majority of my computer use is with external monitors, keyboards and mice and so I’m not sure that it’s an essential tool for me. The new trackpad is wonderful and I’m rapidly getting used to the keyboard when I do use the Mac out of clamshell mode.

So far, so good. I don’t expect to have any issues and the performance so far has been top class.

What’s not to like? The price! This was one expensive piece of kit but I keep telling myself that for the amount of time I will be using it over the next three or four years it is a bargain. Of course time will tell and I’ll try to work out exactly how much time I do spend using it so that I can justify the outlay on a per day or even a per hour basis.


  1. At the opposite end of such things, I’ve just bought a refurbished Dell Latitude i5 laptop for £290. Even so, what a difference an SSD makes. Proof that we all need to ‘upgrade’ or renew our technology from time to time.
    How did I ever manage with my old laptop?!

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