Magic moments – I’ve had a few

©Neil Turner/TSL | March 1997

Working with teams of photographers on big sports projects is one of my main sources of income these days. Get a bunch of photographers together and they will almost inevitably start to tell stories about what they’ve done and who they’ve met.

Recently a colleague mentioned my Instagram project from last year and how he had enjoyed seeing my early work. That lead to a discussion about how lucky we are to go places and to see things that the general public can’t or, at least can’t without spending a lot of money.

For me the places come second to the people.

Pullitzer Prize winners, Nobel Laureates, film stars and a whole slew of other exceptional people have made my career so memory and provided me with many of those “magic moments” from the title of this post.

This portrait of film director, producer, author and playwright Anthony Minghella made during an interview at a The Dorchester Hotel in Central London. 04 March 1997 is one of those low key moments that sticks in my mind and makes me smile every time I look at it.

It was the end of a long day for the director who had sat through dozens of short and relatively boring interviews and then we rocked up and the reporter I was working with didn’t ask him about the film he was publicising. She asked him about his childhood and made him relax into what turned out to be a great fun and tension breaking twenty minutes. He was clearly passionate about his film but he was also numbed by having had to answer the same four or five questions all day. I suspect that he was relieved to talk and think about something other than The English Patient.

Back then you could still smoke in a London hotel and, much though I have always disapproved of the habit, a cigarette/cigar/pipe always made composing pictures that little bit more interesting and gave you options.

Over the next year or two I hope to talk a bit on this blog about some of my most magic moments as well as about some of the other topics that photographers gathering together cannot avoid.

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