Folio photo #07: Ugandan primary school, April 2005

©Neil Turner/TSL, April 2005

Asaba Primary School, Masindi, Uganda. This private primary school has 1000 pupils aged from 3 to 12. Parents in this remote and poor area go to great lengths to give their children the best education that they can afford. Class sizes at Asaba are as small as thirty or forty which compares very favourably to the free schools where eighty or even a hundred children in one class is common.

I was in Uganda to shoot a feature to coincide with a television series about rural African education and Masindi is a very interesting place with the huge contrasts between the locals and the aid agencies, many of whom have regional offices in the town, and their brand new four-wheel drive vehicles which are parked outside their offices.


  1. It is tru the governe trthc church schools may have 100 to a class, but what can you do if you have no money? And now even ‘free’ UPE and USE (Universal Primary/Secondary Education) schools have to charge fees because the government seriously delays and underpays the termly grants to these schools. Sometimes the small amount does not reach the school until after the end of the term it is meant for.

    At Shining House, Masindi, we have 38 students at Primary and Secondary schools . There is no possibility of us using Asaba School because we cannot afford it. Sometimes we cannot even give them breakfast or lunch but they do not complain because they know they are loved and cared for and are safe at Shining House.

    email to find out how to help these poor orphans and help us to extend so that we can help the many more young people of Masindi who come to our doors to beg for help.

    Thank you very much. Roger Turner.


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