The BPPA and The Leveson Inquiry

I have been involved in writing, amending and publishing a second submission on behalf of The British Press Photographers’ Association to the Leveson Inquiry into  the culture, practice & ethics of the press in the United Kingdom. It has been a huge task and the work of propagating it using social media has now begun.

Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry was founded to look into the phone hacking scandal that brought about the closure of The News of The World and other unsavoury practices in play within the UK news media. In the first week of evidence it turned into a “photographer bashing” event and The BPPA had to respond on behalf of the thousands of perfectly well behaved and law abiding news photographers out there. Lots of countries have a problem with rogue paparazzi or “stalkerazzi” as they have been memorably named by one UK academic.

If you are a lover of great news photography, please follow @TheBPPA on Twitter like The BPPA on Facebook and read The BPPA blog here on WordPress. The industry is at a crossroads and we need our friends and colleagues to help us get where we need to go.

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