Canon announces a new 24-70 f2.8L lens

New objects of desire on the equipment front will probably start to appear with monotonous regularity between now and The London 2012 Olympic games. Overnight Canon have announced a new version of the 24-70 f2.8L lens – the mark II.

The older version has been my workhorse for so many years now that I would find it hard to do my job without one and the appearance of a new (and improved?) version makes get my abacus out and start to apply the cost/benefit calculations that professionals need to make every time we consider a new piece of kit.

If I decide that I cannot justify buying it, then it still remains an object of desire! Apparently another major camera manufacturer has also been busy on the launch pad overnight. Nikon have announced the D800 with more megapixels in a 35mm style DSLR body than anyone thought possible/desirable/necessary. Given Nikon’s recent track record of getting things right I would not bet against this being a great piece of kit and a runaway success. For my part, I hope that the next full-frame Canon doesn’t follow suit and re-ignite the megapixel race. A 5D MkIII with decent AF and a chip at around 24-25 megapixels with decent options to shoot smaller (and maybe custom sized?) RAW files would suit my needs rather well.