Nikon Vs Canon (no, really, honest…)

A Wise man said to me recently that the best way of getting a shed load of traffic to your blog was to make the title something like “Canon versus Nikon” of something along those lines. Well, as it happens, I actually do want to write about Canon versus Nikon – or at least to make the point that with the imminent arrival of both the Nikon D4 and the Canon EOS1DX (at least on specification and raison d’être) the two camera giants will have a broadly competitive and similar offering for the first time since the Nikon F3 and the Canon F1n did battle back in the early to mid 1980s. Both of those cameras were built like tanks, had optional and fast motor drives and were principally designed for heavy duty professional use.

The new offerings have remarkably similar specifications – knock for knock, these are the most similar cameras on the pro market for thirty years. There are a few differences of course: Nikon have stuck their necks out and gone for a dual memory card slot with one of them being for a new and largely untried format. Both cameras have the odd quirk here and there but it will all be about personal preference when purchasing decisions need to be made.

Of course one manufacturer might have exactly the lens range you want or the other might just feel better in your hands but, the bottom line is that for the first time in the digital era and maybe even for the first time since the original EOS1 film camera hit the shelves we don’t have a clear leader. Can’t wait to try them out…


  1. I was asked to recommend a camera recently by a client and it occurred to me that I know nothing about the technical aspects of what’s on the market now. I’ve obviously been hanging out with Jez Coulson for too long with his deliberate ignorance of all things technical and his mantra of “it’s not what your camera can do for you, but what you can do with your camera”. I guess natural genius is all good and well, but for the rest of us a little technical guidance is needed… I eagerly await your evaluation 🙂


    1. Let me know what they are looking for and I can probably help. This piece was just about the nature of competition rather than a review. I did a side-by-side review of the Canon 5D MkII and the Nikon D700 last year – no clear winner!


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