The Press Photographer’s Year


I always have a look at who has won various competitions and I’m always interested to see what the judges go for. Most competitions leave me a little cold but The Press Photographer’s Year is different. Well thought out categories, independently judged (I have to say that, I’ve been on the Jury twice myself) and backed by The BPPA I have always been part jealous and part proud of the winners. Jealous because I never seem to win anything and proud because I can call most of the winners my colleagues and friends

Press photography has a tough time in the UK. It’s undervalued by the publishers and misunderstood by a lot of the public. This year’s batch of winning and selected images will go on show at The Royal National Theatre next Saturday the 6th of July for seven weeks where it will be seen by a huge number of people who wouldn’t necessarily go to a photography exhibition. Please take some time to look at the winners’ slide show on The PPY website and please try to make some time to go to the exhibition and see for yourself just how good the work that these guys produce on a daily basis is.

So, congratulations to Adrian Dennis of AFP, Jack Hill of The Times and all of the other winners and thank you to Diageo for supporting this great project. Maybe next year I’ll actually enter!

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