Johnny Ball – the contact sheet

When I posted a frame from this set on my Instagram feed it attracted a few comments and an email from a colleague asking to see the contact sheet for it. I’m only too happy to oblige so here it is – a sixteen image edit from the job. The words that I posted with it on Instagram were these:

I cannot remember photographing anyone who was more accommodating, nicer to be around and generally more cheerful than television presenter and educator Johnny Ball. In January 2008 when I photographed him in his back garden in Farnham Common, Berkshire it was cold and a little bit damp but we both wanted to work outside and so, after a brief tour of the garden, we chose two spots to shoot pictures. This location was crying out for a big shadow so I used a single battery power flash to light him and create the shadow. He was laughing and chatting right through the twenty or so minutes we were shooting pictures before retreating indoors for coffee and warmth.

The frame that I chose was 053 in the bottom right corner but I’d be interested to see what other think because at the time I loved 010 (second from left, top row) and 045 (second from right, third row).

Technical stuff: Shot using two Canon EOS1D MkII cameras and 16-35 f2.8L and 70-200 f2.8L lenses with a single Lumedyne Signature series flash and a 24″ x 32″ soft box.

One comment

  1. Difficult person to photograph because he is performing all the time. Interesting that your personal choice was the one that sees him from the outside, as it were. It’s the one that I was drawn to, but then thought that it was probably not one that the sitter would like.


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