Fifteen minutes of low level fame

To be entirely honest it was actually thirty-four minutes rather than fifteen but Andy Warhol’s observation that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes is a gift of an opening and it’s so much punchier than thirty-four!

The half an hour plus four minutes in question was the time that I spent giving evidence to The Leveson Inquiry into the culture ethics and practice of the British press on behalf of The British Press Photographers’ Association. If you didn’t already know, I am very proud to be one of the two Vice-Chairmen of The BPPA – an organisation that supports and promotes news photography in the United Kingdom.

I have written a short blog about my experiences and there is a link to actually watch a Flash (boo!) video of me in action. This isn’t about self-promotion, its about the important message that I was given the honour of presenting to this important inquiry. Did it go well? Go to The BPPA’s blog site and find out…

The BPPA & the Leveson Inquiry

When the celebrities queued up to give evidence at the Leveson Inquiry in the culture, practices and ethics of the press we had no idea that they would, one by one, single out photographers for criticism. They seemed almost entirely unable to tell the difference between professional press photographers and the people with cameras who chase celebrities to get the pictures that certain types of magazine love to buy.

The BPPA’s first response was to apply to the inquiry to become a “Core Participant” and then to publish the open letter we sent to Lord Justice Leveson. You can read it here:

That was followed by countless posts from photographers and commentators largely agreeing that

  1. Photographers are not one homogenous mass
  2. The Leveson inquiry was in desperate need of some balance on the matter
  3. Some of the celebrities giving evidence were having issues with their memories

If the future of press photography, the avoidance of OTT privacy laws or even the freedom of the press matter to you, can I suggest that you pop over to The BPPA Blog and then to The BPPA Facebook page and follow both. Things are happening fast so maybe you should have a look at the Twitter feed too!