Think Tank Hydrophobia

Ever since I managed to soak one of my Canon EOS5D MkII cameras at an outdoor event last summer where it rained hard and non-stop I have been meaning to get my hands on a Think Tank Hydrophobia rain cover. I finally managed to get around to it just as one of the longest dry spells (work and weather) hit but I have finally given it a run out. The job actually meant using a tripod quite a lot and, whilst the Hydrophobia wasn’t actually designed for this, it all worked out well.

As predicted, I got a proper soaking (cold, wet rain) and I got very cold but my camera stayed dry and kept on working. The version that I have is designed to be used with a 70-200 f2.8 sized lens and it has small sleeves for your hands to fit inside the cover. There’s an option to have a flash unit attached too on the version that I have and so this is a very well designed piece of kit.

A word of caution

Even the best designed kit has a few features that you need to be aware of. The Hydrophobia does a great job and it worked flawlessly but I’d love to see a big sign included in the package telling you to have a few practice goes at fitting the cover before trying to use it on a job in front of clients and/or other photographers. Fitting it for the first time was a fairly frustrating process. Happily I had the sense (too many bad days with soft boxes and tents) to try it first in the warm and dry confines of my kitchen. The second time was in the car and it was actually my third go at fitting the cover when I had to do it in the dark and the rain in front of others. I was still a little ham-fisted but fitting it for the fourth time today so that I had a few pictures to accompany this piece was a (relative) breeze. Practice does indeed make perfect.

What else you can actually say about a piece of kit that is essentially designed to keep your gear dry than “it kept my gear dry” is beyond me. If it came in a tin, it would do exactly what it said on that tin!

So… marks out of ten? For doing its job it gets 10 but for ease of use I’d give it a 5 out of the packaging rising to 7 after four uses and an even higher mark with lots of practice.

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