Instagram – one month into the project

#archivephoto from November 2010 showing a father and son walking the dog in the park as the mists lift. ©Neil Turner

In my last blog post I announced that I had finally decided to get on board and establish an Instagram account. Just over one month later, I have sixty-nine images on my feed and 282 followers.

Not many, I know. I am delighted by the quality of those followers though because they include at least two dozen photographers whose professional and personal work I admire along with a small number of picture editors and commissioners of photography. Sadly, the young picture editor whose comment triggered this project still hasn’t added herself as a follower but that’s probably just as well because out of those sixty-nine images only eight have the hashtag #newwork which I’m using to indicate brand new pictures shot since I established my account. It has been great going back through archives to find the others and I’ve still got a dozen or so #archivephoto options that haven’t been posted yet.

Being an arch-nerd I am interested in who looks at what and trying to work out why some pictures are popular whilst others don’t appear to be. I haven’t drawn any conclusions yet but, as I write this, my two most popular photographs are colour ones as are the three least popular. Black and white seems to be popular across the board which is really interesting.

I care far more about this blog that I do about Instagram so here’s a #newwork image that hasn’t made it to Instagram yet #yousawitherefirst

#newwork Locals and holiday makers make use of the memorial benches at Fisherman’s Walk in the May sunshine ©Neil Turner

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