Editorial portraits folio

Like most photographers I’m always looking at new ways of showing my portfolio. I’ve saved the presentation version of my editorial portraits folio as a QuickTime movie and posted it here. Please let me know what you think. If you look at it without going for the full-sized version the captions are a bit small but, apart from that, I quite like it!


  1. I like it. The frame rate seems about right to me.

    I guess what you did was made a template at 3:2 and pasted the images over it, added a capture and then numbered them sequentially.

    Having done this myself with a set of images, the only comment I’d make is that I wanted to export to YouTube, and from memory, 16:9 is a better fit than 3:2


    1. Thanks David. The thing started out as a presentation using a projector and was made in Apple Keynote, then converted to Powerpoint. At some pint I’ll remake the whole thing so that it plays better at full screen size.


      1. Ah, my mistake. I used QuickTime Player 7, which I still have on my machine. It used to be a purchased app – not sure what it is now – and it has a ‘make a movie from an image sequence’ feature.


      2. I need to go back to Keynote and remake it from there. The “export” options include Quicktime, Powerpoint, PDF and a couple of others. If you have never used Keynote it is absolutely amazing!


  2. I have got the latest version and it is really easy to use. I have now uploaded a new version of the folio (24th May, 18:24 BST) which should be better on HD and the right aspect ratio too.


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