Location lighting half day workshop in London

Thursday 23rd May at the wonderful Cherryduck Studios in Wapping.

For anyone who remembers that far back my www.dg28.com website started out as a vehicle for me to post updates about the work that I was doing along with some technique examples that I rather pompously called “photographer education”. Well, that was in 1999 and a couple of years later I started doing occasional workshops and lectures about my use of portable flash on location. I have done a lot of talks over the years including a couple on behalf of The BPPA to coincide with exhibitions that were held on the old SS Robin at Canary Wharf. SS Robin attendee Steven Frischling said

“He’s good folks… totally worth the price of admisssion, got off the plane and went right to work with what I learned from you within hours”.  
(Steven had flown from Pennsylvania and was en route to Germany!)

Good news for anyone who would be able to get to London on Thursday May 23rd because I am going to be doing a half day, classroom based session where we will explore some theory, go through some of the basic techniques and generally talk the talk about how to get interesting results quickly and cost-effectively. Of course no two sessions are alike and the exact content on the day can be fine-tuned to the audience but it is aimed squarely at working news, feature, sports and PR professionals wanting to develop their skills and narrow down the thought process when approaching this kind of work.

If you are interested the event is priced at £35.00 per person with a reduction for members of The BPPA and you can book tickets through this Eventbrite link.

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