Student work on show.

I’m very pleased to say that two of the students that I have been working with over the last year or so are showing some of their work in London over from tomorrow (Friday 27th April) until Tuesday 8th May. The work will be on the walls at Calumet Photographic’s Drummond Street showroom. The students have both now left the NCTJ Photojournalism course at Up To Speed in Bournemouth and are making their way into the industry.

©Deborah Yawetz

Deborah Yawetz – My interests are wide ranging; there is so much world to see, and people to walk in the shoes of! I enjoy news and wildlife photography: though seemingly different, both have a sense of immediacy, both are challenging and require patience, then finally responding to the moment. I have travelled a lot, most recently to Rwanda and the Serengeti.

I have published work in DV8 magazine in Bournemouth, Shed light events in London and a photo in the Daily ” Echo, Bournemouth. Work experience includes with Redactive publishing and The Times.

©Elizabeth Wainwright

Elizabeth Wainwright – I’ve worked on programmes for NGOs in the UK and in various African countries, and I saw a lot that never seemed to be documented by the media, or to donors. Combining this insight with recent editorial experience on the UK’s longest running environmental magazine, and of course the Photojournalism training, means I am well-placed to bridge the gap between theory and practice; truth and cliché; and do so in an informed, thoughtful way.

I am equally interested in finding homegrown stories: urban beekeeping and UK homelessness are two local stories I am working on. ” The power of storytelling to inspire and trigger change at whatever level – is ultimately what motivates my work.

You are invited to an exhibition featuring work by two new photographers from Friday 27th April until Tuesday 8th May inclusive.

  • Calumet Photographic, 93-103 Drummond Street, London, NW1 2HJ
  • ‘Meet the photographers’ evening on Thursday 3rd May, until 9pm, with drinks and nibbles.
  • The exhibition will be a chance to see a varied mix of work by two recently accredited NCTJ Photojournalists, and during the open evening, to chat more about their work and future projects.
  • More information: / 07841 529773

Interviewing for September 2012 NCTJ Photojournalism course

It only seems like a few weeks ago that I was writing about how excited I was about being involved with the development of a new photojournalism course here in Bournemouth. It was actually well over a year ago and since then we have completed one cycle of the six month course and we are over half way through a second one. The course has already evolved and we are now in the process of recruiting people for the next course which begins in September 2012.

Photo of me playing the 'role' of a confused and lost motorist during a creative flash workshop. January 2012

The idea of the course is a simple one: to train people who already have a decent standard of photography to a level where they can start or improve their careers as editorial photographers. We cover news, features, portraiture, sport and several other sub-genres of photography as well as teaching about workflow, media law, video, caption writing and story development. At the end of the course, and all being well, our students have an NCTJ Preliminary Certificate in Photojournalism as well as a lot of business studies and market knowledge. It isn’t an easy course and it isn’t particularly cheap but it is highly focused on becoming a freelance photographer in today’s rapidly changing market place.

My own involvement averages out to one day per week during which I will bring all of my knowledge and experience into play as well as getting some of my contacts to come along to the course and give seminars and talks.

The course is run by Up To Speed Journalism, based in their offices at The Bournemouth Echo and is divided into two terms – one of which is very much theory and classroom based and the other is all about shooting portfolio pictures and arranging work placements. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with Tom Hill at

Developing a new course

Several months ago I had a conversation with a man called Tom Hill who runs a private journalism school called Up To Speed Journalism in my home town of Bournemouth. We were looking at the options of expanding the range of courses on offer to include one for news photographers. A few weeks ago we started looking very seriously at the idea and Tom has now decided to start accepting applications for the first course which runs from January 2011.

I am delighted to have been involved in the development of the course and I will be teaching some of the elements of the course. The big tasks now are to attract the right students and to make sure that we bring the industry along with us at a time when there are very few jobs out there for new entrants to the profession. The idea is simple: to give those who come on the course the information, skills and techniques that they will need to start out on their careers as news photographers. It’s all very exciting and if you want to know more, go to the Up To Speed website where there is quite a bit of information and where you can ask questions about the course.